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Teacher Training Program

A 5-Day Program to become an Affiliate Teacher and Trainer 

for CHI, USA




Day - I & II  : Training of Trainer

  • Why and How of Training

  • Why do people attend trainings

  • How to get participants for training - Reaching out to a large number of people

  • How to present yourself as a Trainer - An Outstanding Trainer

  • How to plan training and deliver training - Exceptional Training

Day - III to V : Training of Teacher

  • What of Training

  • Crucial Points and Practice to make training impactful 

  • Gripping on the subject

  • Content of the training of Level(s) concerned


A.  Formal Learning Experience :

      - Level I to III of CHT completed with CHI, USA

      - Past Life Therapy & Life between Lives Therapy completed with CHI, USA

B. Experience as Practitioner :

      Conducting sessions or practicing regularly minimum for -

      - 06 months from completion of CHT Level - III


      - 12 months from completion of CHT Level - II


A. Discuss with your CHI, USA teacher for the invitation of the Teachers Training.
    It is based completely on the courses completed and work practice.

B. Attend Teachers Training, if invited.

  • During training, there will be an all-round assessment for Teachers.

  • The assessment will be by the Master trainer as well as co-participants.

  • If a participant is assessed as being competent as a Trainer, they will be awarded certificate as a teacher and can enter into a contract with CHI, USA to start teaching CHI, USA courses as per our standards and norms.

  • If any lack of specialization is assessed, the participant will be asked to do certain tasks before getting the Certificate.

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