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Neurolinguistic Programming

A Three Level Program & 90 hours training including

Classroom Hours, Demos, Practice Hours & Home Study Hours

Psychologist's Office

Pillar - I : Awareness related and Conscious Techniques

  • Presuppositions, Predicates, Modeling, Creating states, Anchoring, Strategies, Eye Movements, Analogue Markings, Model of World, Sensory Acuity, Six levels of Psychic functioning, Goal setting, TOTE & SCoRE model.

  • Even before you meet someone or encounter a situation, learn to be in an empowered state. Begin with developing a strong Rapport, a sensory and psychic Understanding of the issue of the client as experienced by the client.

  • Create a state of ‘Unconditional positive regard’, and create a fertile ground leading to a Win-Win state of I’m OK, You’re OK’. The client feels understood, safe and respected. You become acute in your observations and deep in your understanding of the person, while you remain in a non-judgmental state, retaining your rapport.

Duration: 30 hours minimum
Certification: “Practitioner of NLP”
Prerequisite: Preferably Graduate

Pillar - II : Advanced NLP Applications


  • Structure of Magic: Meta Model, Milton Model / Ericksonian Indirect Hypnotic language patterns: Inverse Meta model, Content & Context Re-framing, Eight-Step Re-framing, Chunking Up, Down and Sideways.

  • Overcome the biggest barrier of ‘I Can’t’ and move to ‘I Can’ Navigate a person from overwhelming Vague negatives to Specific negatives and solve the seemingly unsolvable. Move to Specific positive Solutions and generalize learning to all areas of life.

  • Become Erickson by moving from Vague negatives straight to Vague positives, bypassing the conscious mind and its resistances completely. Learn to manage conflicts and negotiate successfully.

Duration: 30 hours minimum

Certification: “Advanced Practitioner of NLP”

Prerequisite: Pillar - I

Pillar - III : Subconscious, Unconscious and Right Brain Work 

  • Inner Universe of Sub-modalities, Change all Psychic levels, Generate states, Double dissociation, SWISH, Motivation enhancement, and Fast-phobia cure.

  • Discover the Inner universe and reach the Neurological storage systems. Induce a progressively deepening Trance, reach the root of the problem in a way that is unexpected enough to keep the conscious at bay.

  • Change dis-empowering beliefs, recurring patterns and behaviors. Relieve phobias. Reprogram all Psychic levels.

Duration: 30 hours minimum

Certification: “Master Practitioner of NLP”

Prerequisite: Pillar - II

Special Courses

I. Conversational Hypnosis : ‘Art of Influence’

A Rare and Unique Course on Conversational Influence

  • Conversation is what happens when people talk.

  • ‘Conversational’ is when its informal and used in everyday spoken language. Hypnotic conversation has been; since time immemorial; the most effective way of Conversation.

  • Conversational or Convert Hypnosis is the highest skill in the use of Hypnosis.

  • It is, in more ways than many – the Art of Influence.

  • Influence is power, it is sway, it is having an effect on people, it is inspirational. All of us want to Influence people, and more than anyone else, we want to influence ourselves.

  • Coach, mentor or therapist –influence people for their own good.

  • How do we do it everyday and everywhere? While walking in a park with a friend or over a casual coffee with a new acquaintance. Employee, colleague or boss.

  • Let’s learn!

II. Coaching through NLP

Life & Executive Coaching through NLP

  • Coaching has evolved as one of the very successful models of Growth, & NLP has evolved as one of the very successfully models of Coaching.

  • When we wish to rise to the level of legends, only the ‘Structure of Excellence’ will do.

  • When the Conscious and Unconscious join hands, when both the body and mind talk, its NLP.

  • ‘Self-awareness’, ‘Personal growth’,  ‘Change management’ and ‘Manifesting the potential within’.

  • Now that NLP is also there with us, let’s achieve all we Want to.

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