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Family Constellations

A Three Level Program & 90 hours training including

Classroom Hours, Demos, Practice Hours & Internship Hours

Support Group Session

Module - I : Introduction to Family Constellations

  • What is Family Constellation

  • History of Family Constellation

  • Importance of Family Constellation

  • Understanding the layers of healing it provides

  • Understanding the energy field in the process

  • Understanding how are we all connected in the DNA lineage

  • Understanding who are considered as family members & its effects in the energy field

  • Family Dynamics over Illness

  • Why is reconciliation with the dead ancestors important

  • Uncovering the patterns repeating in the family lineage

  • Laws that govern the behavior of the entire family soul

  • Understanding how hidden emotions flow in the family

  • Demonstrations to understand how a basic family constellations looks like

  • Case Studies for in-depth knowledge on the concept

Module - II : Advanced Family Constellation

  • How relationships affect your present?

  • How do you inherit the family system of your partner?

  • Origin of Child- Rearing Problems

  • Divorce & Loyalty Conflicts of Children

  • Family Constellations & Disease

  • Understanding Addictions

  • Oaths, Vows & Curses in the Family Energy Field

  • Inner Child & Family Constellation

Module - III : Professional Family Constellation 

  • Understand the entity release work

  • How to release them from the Family System

  • Honoring the ancestors using the Sacred Symbols

  • Honoring the ancestors to derive strength in the Family System

  • Cleansing the Family System energies

  • Creating Crystal Mandalas for the Family System

Duration : 90 hours minimum
Certification : “Family Constellation Therapist”
Prerequisite : Preferably Graduate

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