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"The key to the door that opens the depths of your mind."

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California Hypnosis Institute (CHI) of USA is founded by Dr. Sunny Satin headquartered in California and managed by Dr. Ann Satin and Dr. Nitin Shukla.

We are a network of professionals dedicated to improving the condition of mankind by empowering people with the knowledge to help themselves.

CHI students teach and practice Hypnotherapy around the world.  We welcome people from all walks of life to join CHI classes. Scheduled classes can be found on our site. A student who has completed at least one CHI course is qualified to become a CHI member. 


We welcome Hypnotherapists and Healers who have certifications from other institutions to join us as well.

CHI is dedicated to keep its members updated and informed of all activities. As a member, you will become part of an interactive group, and support will be available to you at all times. We strive to promote our Hypnotherapists in positive manner ̶  as Therapist and also as Teachers.






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Help Mankind Transit to The Fourth Dimension and The New World

1. Spread Awareness

Help as many people as possible to become aware of the major Energetic Dimensional Shift that we are undergoing. Make the transition from the current Third Dimension to the higher level society in the New World in the Fourth Dimension.

2. Integrated Approach

Teach the latest techniques of Mind, Body, & Soul healing using the integrated approach with Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Energy Healing, Crystal therapy, and Spirit Communications.

3. Facilitate Transition

Help people realize the integrated nature of the human beings, and the Oneness of the physical and the spiritual worlds. Guide them in the DNA activations necessary to achieve this Oneness, and the transition.

4. Open To All

Teach these techniques worldwide to all persons willing to learn them, irrespective of their formal educational background, by recognizing the inherent intelligence of the subconscious mind and the human soul.

5. Healing Through Mind

Raise awareness of the Mind as the ultimate creator, and the ultimate healer for all kinds of diseases, problems and challenges in life.


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All Videos

All Videos
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The message of love

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Aleksandra H.

"I was hesitant at first, but during my class I went to Hypnosis, I started to feel an inexplicable feeling of warm energy filling my body. Afterwards, I felt strangely refreshed and pain in my knees was gone." 

Ankit J.

" I have started to hypnotize people each week since my class. Having so much fun with hypnosis. While I take comfort in having the scripts, I have learned to wing it which has greatly increased my intuitive ability. I have found a niche, thanks for all the great knowledge. By far this is my favorite modality. I am so happy I have taken this class."

Pratibha S.

"I  was enlightened during the class and enjoyed every minute. The working of the mind is so scientific and complex, but the course is so easy to understand. I am happy I have took a decision to join the course."


• California Hypnosis Institute (CHI), USA do not have any branches, franchises or affiliates.

We have our own panel of trainers, and their profiles are listed on our website.

• We have no connection with organizations named after us like CHI-Gurgaon, CHI-Delhi, CHI-India, CHI-Noida or others with similar names wherein, CHI is referred as California Hypnosis Institute.

• We are not liable for any other CHI named organizations , their trainers, courses, students or members.


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